[Dixielandjazz] Zulu's Ball

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Well, that settles THAT!
It's a great tune...I think!
I heard that there is only one record extant...is that right?
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>> How many recordings are there of Zulu's Ball?
> Dear Bob,
> From the 1920s Classic period - only one!
> Recorded for Gennett in Richmond, Indiana by King Oliver and His Creole 
> Jazz
> Band on 5 Oct 1923.
> At least a dozen other versions have been attempted by revivalist bands 
> from
> the 1950s on.
> And whoever said "It has King Oliver's cornet solo copied...mistakes and
> all" can go and stand in the Naughty Corner.
> NOW.
> What mistakes???
> What sacrilege!
> Besides, there is no Oliver solo. Or any others!
> The original performance is entirely ensemble.
> Kind regards,
> Bill.

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