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Thanks, Steve, for the lead-ins to chasing down other Louis Prima and  Keely 
Smith's on YouTube.  I agree with your thought about them as  prototypes for 
Sonny and Cher.  Partially because I have this  relic-memory of watching them 
on our little black and white TV doing Bir Mir  Bist Du Shoen.  Notice that 
Winkipedia makes that same claim in a nice  little brief write-up about them.  
Keely Smith perhaps still doing some  light touring???  Lots of their stuff 
available places like  Amazon.com
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To  hear Louis Prima's versions of jump blues go to the below web site;
Nice  3 tune medley by Prima, Keely Smith, Sam Butera and the  Witnesses.
Starting with "When You're Smiling" to "Oh Marie"

BTW,  Dingle, proof the Italians invented Jump as well as Jazz. :-)  VBG


Steve  Barbone

PS. Our guitarist played with this group for a year right  after Prima
married Gia Mione, his 5th wife. Keely Smith was #4.  Interestingly enough,
it is easy to infer from Prima's performances that  he and Keely were the
inspiration for Sonny and  Cher.

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