[Dixielandjazz] Some cooler heads needed for a new thread

Don Ingle dingle at nomadinter.net
Thu Jan 25 21:50:38 PST 2007

It is now12
:40 a.m. in North Michigan. the temps ar down to 0 degrees F. and looks 
liek little relief for a week.
So, time to list the cold weather songs or seasonal related "Kool" melodies.
The Weatehrbird is obviously laying ivce cubes tonight, so i will start 
the round off with:
Baby It's Cold Outside (understatemetbn set to music)
June in January (don't I wish)
In the cool cool coll of the eveing
Snowy Mornng Blues
Sleigh ride
Cold Hearted Mama
That's for a start. Let's see how many you can add.
Gotta go now and thaw out my fingers -- my office porch area is at 37 
degrees and it's time to take ths computor and put it in the warmer place.
Me too.
 From the land of the Perpetual Lake Effect
Don Ingle

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