[Dixielandjazz] The Business Side To The Music Business (Unions)

Mike mike at railroadstjazzwest.com
Thu Jan 25 14:05:54 PST 2007

Thanks for your response Dave. I am basically trying to gather 
information about booking gigs from the experienced musicians on 
the list. We have been studying it in college and I'd rather 
learn from the voices of experience versus a textbook.

Thanks again,

Dave Hanson wrote:
> Mike,
> Perhaps you need to update your digital press kit for the agent at the 
> Union or any booking agent for that matter. The days of cassette tapes 
> and pages of printed material doesn't make it any longer. Streaming 
> audio a short bio, short tune list and flexibility to play several 
> styles if your group can do it, will help sell your band. The 
> International Union also has a web site ready to help you sell your 
> group. It's called GoPro, but you need to be in the Union to take 
> advantage of these services and is perhaps a little easier for people to 
> find you rather then having your own stand alone web site. But any web 
> site can help and you can link to other web sites that friends allow you 
> to hook up with.
>  I'm in the Union but there are many non-union musicians and groups that 
> are doing quite well, but the digital age is here and that's what people 
> want. No more than about 5-8 minutes is what you can expect people to 
> watch or listen to. The "inner circle" is only as big as you want it to be.
> Good luck in booking the "good" ones !
> Dave Hanson
> Vice President
> Atlanta Federation of Musicians
> Local 148-462 

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