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Hi bdendle:

Welcome out of lurkdom, sorry it took that to get you out to contribute 
to the lists, we are really quite a civilized bunch most of the time, 

Of course we have heard of those players and many other fine ones as 
well, it is just fun to pick on the Banjo's just like others pick on 
the Trombone players who are silly enough to own a pager :))   And 
Drummers  who of course are not real musicians, who drool out of both 
sides of their mouth when the stage is level., and clarinet players who 
leave their instrument on the dashboard of their cars so they can park 
in the handicapped zones.

Humor is good for all of us and usually cures what ails us. :))

I love Banjos,  as a matter of fact I have two of them Mounted on 
either side of my fireplace and a shotgun in the middle that I used to 
capture them  :))

One is a dart board and the other has a picture of my mother in Law 
painted on the head I beat it regularly just to upset my wife. :))
But what really gets her goat is that I threaten to take her mother's 
picture off and put hers on it. :))

Now go ahead and laugh John Farrell, I know you are giggling about that 
line :))

Cheers, mate, and keep on pickin' and a grinnin'

Tom Wiggins

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    Well, now you've done it. I've been quietly lurking, watching the 
discussions of various long-standing topics, and avoiding comment. Now 
I read
that "we have spent decades
here trying to put the Banjo on the endangered species list, but
somebody keeps making another one and some bloke learns how to play 
it."  Do I
have to repost my comments from 1997 about disparaging the banjo? The 
banjo is a
musical instrument, on which one can play musically if one chooses to. 
If one
wishes to  beat the crap out of it, for whatever reason, one may do so, 
and you
may object, as would I. But why do you always go to disparaging the 
itself? If you hear a crappy trumpet player do you raise a cry to ban 
trumpet? Have you ever heard Eddie Erickson play? Are you aware of Doug 
or Buddy Wachter? If they're not musicians, and JAZZ musicians, then I 
know what to call them.

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