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Sun Jan 21 19:46:07 PST 2007

 From another retired Music teacher off offlist:

  Just so you guys don't think this is a non issue according to the IAJE 

  I say the Only way to Correct it is if We ALL get off our Asses and go 
back in the trenches and force the changes before we are ALL DEAD and 
there is NOBODY left to know or give a Damn.

 But that's just my Big Mouth Opinion.

  I also just witnessed a local IDIOT non playing, pathological lying, 
thieving, paranoid schizophrenic jive ass, two bit hustler, wife 
beating, deadbeat dad, getting 1/2 a MILLION DOLLAR GRANT THAT somebody 
wrote and applied to for him.

Don't even ask about him, he is not worth the breath to talk about, 
except it is a classic example of  Affirmative Action,  "Ability with 
No Opportunity" in reverse,  he is "Funded Opportunity given with no 
Ability" whatsoever to deliver whatever it said he will do in the grant 
application, all he will do is rip off the money for himself and spend 
some of it to put his photo in  the local papers touting what a great 
leader and helper of musicians and education he is.   There is not a 
real musician in the Bay area who respects this clown for one second 
for anything he haws ever done or ever will do except maybe leave town. 
    Not even the junkies respect him longer than the time it takes to 
get enough money for a fix from him.   I know him well and enough to 
know that he probably did not pay the person who wrote the grant 
proposal for him either, the last one I loaned him got him a grant and 
when he asked for his check for the commission the guy pulled a knife 
on him and told him he didn't want to pay him.

 Tom Wiggins

 Subject: Re: [Dixielandjazz] IAJE- TJEN - Some thoughts

  True, True. I am retired from teaching, tried to motivate the local 
band director to do something with jazz-
  Hopeless. He is a Burger king manager at night. Two paychecks are his 
goal, leaving any legacy ain't-
  The system is broken, but political correctness prevents any repair. 
An enormous waste of human time and $$$$$,

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