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Andy.Ling at Quantel.Com Andy.Ling at Quantel.Com
Sun Jan 21 06:02:01 PST 2007

I've just received a message privately from Marek, which I tried to reply
to and for some reason it got bounced. His ISP or something on the
route seems to have black listed my IP address. So I am posting my reply
here in the hope it gets through.

The short of it is that the message he sent me is not plain text. So if
that is how he is posting to DJML it wont work. So all we need to do
is find the magic switch to change this, maybe ;-)

Hi Marek,

-----marek boym <marekboym at walla.com> wrote: -----

>I don't understand what "no HTML or RTF or "Rich Text" or any other
>fancy way of  sending stuff

First, it looks like the email you have just sent me is not plain text.
So that wont help. Now to what that means.

Plain text means there is not information in the message about anything
like the colour or size of the text or any format information. It is
just the plain characters.

I guess the biggest problem is how you turn this on. It depends on what
you are using for sending the emails. Programs like Outlook Express
have options hidden in the tools menu that let you select this kind of
thing. It usually says something like send messages with HTML or no HTML.

You want any reference to HTML or rich text or anything like that turned
off. Some email programs allow you to do this seperately for each
name in your address book. So you can set it just for DJML and still
have all the fancy colours and stuf for everyone else.

Initially you should try setting it for everyone. Then once you have
it working for DJML, you can fiddle and try and change it for just DJML.

I hope that helps.

Andy Ling

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