[Dixielandjazz] Can you help a newbie?

Robert S. Ringwald robert at ringwald.com
Sun Jan 21 05:41:20 PST 2007

Dear Steve,

OKOM means "Our kind of music."

In the past, no one could agree exactly on the definition of Jazz.  There 
have been countless messages posted on DJML by people saying what their 
definition was.  We, on DJML, finally agreed that the type of Jazz most of 
us here on DJML like, is (Our kind of music).  While it is hard to define, 
we know it when we hear it.

For most of us, it encompasses most Jazz, Ragtime, Swing, Dixieland, which 
came before bop, or modern Jazz.  Another good mnemonic is MKOM (My kind of 
Jazz) or YKOM (Your kind of jazz).

As far as IAJE & TJEN, someone else can give you the exact meaning.  But, 
IAJE I think is (International Assn. of Jazz Educators.  I think TJEN is 
something such as Traditional Jazz Educators Network.

For more mnemonics used on DJML and on the Internet in general, please read 
#28 from the DJML FAQ, (frequently asked questions at


In fact, all DjML members should read this FAQ.

HTH (Hope this helps)

--Bob Ringwald
DJML Moderator

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> Hi folks,
> I'm new to this list and some of the topics associated with it and I'm
> finding it difficult to decipher some of your mnemonics / , for example,
> IAJE, TJEN, OKOM, etc.
> Is there a FAQ that describes these terms or perhaps someone can help
> elucidate as I would really like to understand you all a little better.
> Its years since I did a little Jazz singing and I would like to get back 
> to
> it and your fascinating discussions would be even more so if I had this
> help.
> Many thanks
> Steve
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