[Dixielandjazz] Lyrics for verse of "In a Shanty in Old Shanty town."

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I'm up in the world, But I'd give the world,
To be where I used to be;
A heav -en -ly nest, Where I rest the best,
Means more than the world to me.
It's on -ly a shan -ty in old Shan -ty Town,
The roof is so slan -ty it touch -es the ground;
But my tum -bled down shack, By an old rail -road track,
Like a mil -lion -aire's man -sion, is call -ing me back.
I'd give up a pal -ace, if I were a king;
It's more than a pal -ace, it's my ev -'ry thing.
There's a queen wait -ing there with a sil -ver -y crown,
In A Shan -ty In Old Shan -ty Town.
Lewis D. Custode, Jr., CLU, ChFC, CASL
Barroom Buzzards
Buffalo, NY
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I found the verse of "In A Shanty in Old Shanty Town" somewhere a couple of days 
I put the notes into a lead sheet and put off putting in the lyrics. Now I can't 
find my original source.
 I have the chorus lyrics and am about to insert the
Johnny Long "orch" double time lyrics ("gang vocal")
from the record, but I need the verse lyrics. -- Does someone have them?

Thanks in advance.
Craig Johnson
"The Maine Street Paraders"
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