[Dixielandjazz] movie music

glen page gpage at dccnet.com
Tue Jan 16 16:57:31 PST 2007

Hello Jim and all the others,

With regards to the problem of coming up with enough tunes from movies, an
early evening in front of the fire and a couple of libations have solved
your problem and will allow you to play many tunes from your normal book.

I thought about the recent discussion about the movie "It's Trad Dad" and I
bet that you could play any tune from the N.O. repertoire and that nobody in
the audience would be able to call your bluff.  It is possible though that
you may not get a second gig from the same source.

Just hit them with Piggly Wiggly for example and if anybody questioned you
let them know that it was played in the background mid way through.I have
not seen the movie, other than a brief excerpt on a BBC program about George
Webb I believe.

Go for it Jim.

Cheers. Glen.

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