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I can go along with that as well,  he is a master at story telling that 
reaches a very broad audience of music listeners, and I once shunned 
him because of his singing, but thankfully he grew on me and I started 
to really understand the genius of the man and his music.

I already knew and respected him as great songwriter, but hated his 
singing.   Now I can listen to him back to back with Billie Holiday and 
enjoy both.   He got his PHD in music at the University of Hells 
Angels. :))

Perhaps the phrasing similar to Louis stems from their getting their 
smoke from the same swamp crop Way  Down Yonder in New Orleans.  :))


Tom Wiggins

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>I fell in love with Nelson's "Stardust" while  attending USCLB in the 
>70's. We had a group and we all loved the album. I  recently found it 
>E-bay, re-mastered and on CD of course and love it still.  Since then, 
>has been one of my favorite current  musicians.

Amen. Stardust, Blue Skies, Georgia. Nobody gets to the gut like Willie
Nelson does with them. I might be way off, but his phrasing, to me, is
somewhat like Armstrong's.

Steve Barbone

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