[Dixielandjazz] Mouthpiece for tiny trombone

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You're very welcome...I just wish I had found the time to learn to play it 
like a good friend of mine can...Noel Weidkamp...he's GREAT!
He plays with the Devil Mountain Jazz Band...at least, that's ONE of the 
groups he plays with! See below...
Joining DMJB in 2000, Noel has been playing cornet since since he was 9 
years old, inspired by his bandleader father. He played in his brother's 
dance band at the age of 12 and has been playing popular music ever since. A 
'recovering' member of the Stanford Marching Band, he has played with big 
bands and small combos while pursuing a career as a real estate developer. 
He has retired from this endeavor and is now a full time musician, working 
with such area bands as, Phil Howe's 'Jazz D'Elegance', the Bay Area 
Repertory Big Band, and the swing group, '400 years of Swing', as well as 
primary lead horn with DMJB.

Warmest regards,
Bob Romans,
1617 Lakeshore Drive,
Lodi, Calif., 95242
PH 209-747-1148

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>A delightful Christmas present, was the mini-trombone that someone bought
> for me from Bob Romans (thanks, Bob.)
> Now I am looking for a mouthpiece.  Don't think my embrouchure (sp?) can
> handle a trumpet mouthpiece for long, so I want a full trombone-sized cup.
> Dave Hanson suggested I contact Giardinelli (thanks, Dave.)  Any other 
> ideas
> out there?  Does anybody have one lying around they want to sell?
> Thanks
> Steve Pendleton
> Trombone
> A little North of Atlanta
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