[Dixielandjazz] Which Shakeys?

Cebuisle2 at aol.com Cebuisle2 at aol.com
Fri Jan 12 07:21:40 PST 2007

Sweet & quiet Dixie??  I didn't know you could do that!  Ol'  Turk must be 
thrashing in his grave-----
Reminds me of a summer long gig I once did at a posh Bar Harbor hotel. We  
were hired to play "quietly" in the lobby, definitely no dancing. The band  
consisted of tenor, piano and me on drums, or rather, swishing the brushes all  
night-no sticks!! Bored the hell out of me, could have fallen asleep easily. 
The manager was an ex-jazz musician, but his bitchy wife really ran the  
place, and would come downstairs ay least several times each night and insist  
"Quietly boys! You must play quietly!!" The manager said he couldn't control  
her. so we were stuck. The tenor man wanted the final week off, so I replaced  
him with a friend who played alto Explained the situation to him. The  
frustration built all night, and on the last set he cut loose with "Indiana" and  I 
backed him with sticks!! Down the stairs she came, furious, and chewed us out  in 
front of everyone. 
The hotel replaced me next season with an upright bass.  Didn't care.  It 
paid well but was a gig from hell--
   (who likes his Dixie loud and  hot!!)

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