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Thanks, it's been a long time since I was involved with the many different OS' . Having gone through the Trash IV, the Altair do-it-yourself, COCO, Commodore, Cobol,  ++.and all the others, time well spent but probably wasted now as most everything has settled down.
  That was a long time ago. I figured that the incompatibility was the reason for the anomalies. I just ignored them. 
  Ed ( MY that Talisker is tasty) Coltrin
  Hope one and all enjoyed  HOGMANAY

Scott Anthony <santh at pacbell.net> wrote:
  Like I said in an earlier post, the ASCII mappings for all kinds of 
non-alphabetic characters (like punctuation and apostrophies, etc.) are 
different between Macs, Windows, and Unix, although now that Macs basically 
use Unix as the underlying operating system, they should be very similar. 
Also, line endings for the 3 main systems are different - old Macs used just 
a carriage-return character (CR), Unix uses just a line-feed (LF), and 
Windows uses both (LF/CR). This is probably one of the main causes of the 
little boxes that sometimes show up, although any unrecognized character 
will show up as a box in some systems.

In addition, to make things even more complicated, since about 1997 or so 
the Windows OSs based on Windows NT (which is all of them now I think) use 
what is called UNICODE (wide characters or 16-bit characters) that allows 
for character sets up to 65,536 characters (as opposed to ASCII which is 
only 8-bits per character or 256 characters total).

I was a full-time software engineer who, among other projects, designed one 
of the earliest on-line business card (and other printed business materials) 
design software systems. Font/character mappings were a large part of what I 
did. One related thing I did that took at least 6 months was to finally 
convince Quark (of Quark Express) that they had a bug in their Mac color 
separation software that puked on files created under Windows. This was all 
caused by the fact that Macs used just a CR at the end of a line and Windows 
used CR/LF. What a pain.

Scott Anthony

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>I don't know about Macs but I wonder if it has to do with the conversion in 
>the ASCII system.
> In ASCII, which is used in the DOS system, that I think is still part of 
> MS, the quote mark is :00100010, and Cap A is 01000001, lower case is 
> 01100001, orher values for decimal. Perhaps Jobs wanted to confuse MS 
> users.
> Just a thought .
> Binary alphabet or ASCII alphabet. ?
> Another thought in the music vein
> Listening to a CD from Legacy Recordings, In the tune WISTDS, Louis in 
> 1931, vocal exchange with a member of the band, refers to Louis as 
> "Dipper" , could this have been in reference to "Dipper mouth Blues" ?
> Just another thought
> Slainte
> Ye Olde Mouldy Fygge
> Ed Coltrin
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