[Dixielandjazz] Benny Goodman 1938 Carnegie Hall Concert]

David W. Littlefield dwlit at patriot.net
Sun Jan 7 19:15:55 PST 2007

Here's my comments on Bill list.

>*Avid 122   Part of 3CD set
>*Avid 151   Part of 4CD set
This set is a reissue + of Avid 122. It contains 
a. the complete concert; 
b. the Capitol LP "B.G. in Hi-fi (Capitol reissued this on CD with several
bonus small=group tracks; 
c. "Mr. Benny Goodman" (the Capitol LP related to the movie "Benny Goodman
Story", reissued on CD with several bonus small group tracks); 
d. Goodman's 10" LP with Rosemary Clooney
e. the 2-LP soundtrack of "Benny Goodman Story". Avid omits b. and c.'s
bonus tracks, which were reissued on Mosaic's Benny Goodman Capitol small
band recordings set.

To my ears, this is the best sounding reissue of the 1938 concert, and it's
available from our own Jerry Brown at what is a very good price,
considering all the additional records one gets. 
>*Columbia 65143    2CD digitally remastered set with previously unreleased

This reissue has the complete concert, some recordings of which were
discovered after the first Columbia set. This set was roundly criticized
for it's somewhat screechy high-end sound and basic omission (as I
understand it) of the low end, which was deemed to reduce listening
pleasure considerably--that certainly was true in my case--and, worse,
seriously vitiate it's value for preservation of the concert.
>*Jasmine 656   2CD set

I know nothing about this set. 
>Many DJMLers, like me, will have had (maybe still have) Columbia G2K40244
>the original 2CD reissue of the Columbia LPs we all knew and loved.

I'm discarding (hopefully selling off) my copies of both Columbia sets,
"B.G.in Hi-Fi", "Mr. Benny Goodman". If interested, contact me off-list.

BTW, AVID has released quite a few good sets of classic jazz...


At 09:44 PM 01/07/07 -0500, Bill Haesler wrote:
George Wrote:
>>This upcoming January 16th will mark the 69th anniversary of
>this landmark event...............I recall that some time ago there was a
>discussion on the List as to the best reproduction..........I would
>appreciate suggestions as to what recording to purchase.<
>Dear George,
>Like you, I await the opinions with interest.
>The following reissues are currently available at Worlds Records, Novato CA.

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