[Dixielandjazz] Can Jazz Be Learned ?- Was Jazz is Alive & Well

mmckay macjazz at se.rr.com
Mon Jan 8 13:17:40 PST 2007

The analogy someone made earlier comparing jazz with public speaking is

Pretty much everyone can talk.  Some can make speeches if required.  Some
can make speeches on their own.

Some make damn good speeches.  Some get into various speech related
activities -- news casters, stand up comedians, side show barkers etc.

A few are spell binders.  Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell (in that line of work)
Many of your high ranking politicians.  John Ciardi, Daniel Pinkwater, and
Garrison Keillor, etc.

Probably the single greatest speaker in the last 100 years was William
Jennings Bryant but part of his success was that he had a very stentorian
voice and could be heard.

You can make a very direct analogy to music from that.  Both speaking and
the jazz soloing can be taught to some level.  There are those who have more
ability (talent?) and can do it better.  Even those with great ability
(talent?) must be given the opportunity to develop it. That is what is rare
in this day and age.


Martin D. McKay (designated listener)(and teacher)

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