[Dixielandjazz] Almost Blowing Louis Armstrong's Horn

Pam Munter pam at pammunter.com
Mon Jan 8 09:15:32 PST 2007

On my last trip to NYC, I decided to take the long subway ride (and  
long walk) to see Armstrong's home in Corona/Queens.  I waited for an  
hour before the first tour and it turned out I was the only one on  
it.  The guide had been conducting tours since the house/museum  
opened so we had a wonderful dialogue as she poured out all her well  
rehearsed facts.  Sure enough, there is his horn in a case.  More  
revealing, though, is his personal study with its big desk, state-of- 
the-art sound equipment and even better equipped bar.  Evidence of  
him is everywhere in the house and it took very little imagination to  
envision his life there.

When the tour ended, the guide and museum manager offered me the  
opportunity to play his horns at Queens College, but I had to be back  
in the city, sad to say.  It was a memorable few hours, a personal  
look at a legend.

-Pam Munter

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