[Dixielandjazz] CD Sales Numbers - 2006

Steve Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 8 08:33:12 PST 2007

Because of slowing CD sales, the local record store in West Chester is
downsizing. Rats, I sell my CDs there.

They still stock a broad selection of CDs, but are cutting depth in each
title. Whew, I'm still OK there.

What are the US CD Sales figures and download stats from 2006? Well, Nielsen
Sound Scan released the following year end figures.

1) CD Album sales. DOWN 4.9% to 588.2 million albums.

2) Digital Album sales. UP more than than double to 32.9 million albums.

3) Digital single tracks sales: UP 65.1% to 582 million tracks.

So, while the total sales of music albums and tracks are UP slightly for
2006, that portion sold by record stores continues to decline.

But don't burn all those CDs in your garage fellow band leaders. The older
folks still buy CDs with a passion. E.G. Yesterday I played two funerals,
both of which had receptions and meals afterwards. ( 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner)

The Pastors at each funeral announced (completely surprising me) that the
band had CDs available at the receptions. Luckily I always make it a point
to have 60 in my car, because I sold them all.

Say, here's a gig generating idea for all 600 of us on the DJML. Put a New
Orleans Funeral Band into your will as part of your send-off. Just think,
that will create 600 gigs for needy jazz musicians as well as insuring that
your friends and relatives will remember you and the music you loved.

Steve Barbone 

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