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Re:  Ginny's post below

This link takes you to some incredible photos of the storm results - not musical, but pretty awe-inspiring.  Those of us here in Calif. should feel really lucky!


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> I haven't seen much national media attention focused on info such as in the  
> below personal note from a friend who just made the drive on THE major  
> interstate from St. Louis to Denver--most of the content below about  Kansas.
> Ginny
> What floored my on the drive (during which I encountered not one  tumble
> weed) was the destruction in Kansas. I knew they got hit but had  been
> hearing more about Denver. I saw on the news in KS open-bed trucks  full
> of dead cattle. i had no idea it was so bad. This one rancher lost  500
> head. They are doing what CO is doing and dropping hay to the  ranches
> to prevent further starvation of the cattle but still have no way  to
> get water to them. 
> Around mile marker 90 on I-70 I saw beautiful iced  fences and trees and
> hundreds of downed trees and even metal power line  towers. hundreds
> more evergreens were crushed on their north side so who  knows if they
> will bounce back or not. They were also talking on the news  about
> thousands of folks not only without power but water too as the  water
> plants have no electricity to run on. What a mess. 
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