[Dixielandjazz] Older musicians in early jazz bands

Audrey Van Dyke audrey at callitmusic.com
Fri Jan 5 14:17:52 PST 2007

I got a piece of 1921 sheet music in the mail today - "The All Star Jazz 
Band Blues" by Cecil C. Nixon, featured by the All Star Jazz Band, 
published by Nixon Music House in Whitefish, Montana.  It has a  large 
photo of the band on the front cover - one of those usual silly 1920's 
band photos with five guys in clown suits, a drum, a piano, a violin, a 
tenor sax and a banjo.  One of the  main  categories of sheet music I 
collect is the 20's sheets with band inset photos.  I've seen hundreds 
of them by now, and  one thing they all have in common, whether  well 
known  or obscure, is  the hopeful young faces staring out at you.  This 
one was different - it strikes you immediately that two of the 
clown-suited musicians are probably in their sixties.  It got me 
wondering what other older musicians might have played in the early 
1920's jazz bands.  Not taught the kids who were in the bands, but 
actually were a part of a band calling itself a jazz band, to the point 
of being pictured with the band..  Anyone know of any other examples?
Audrey Van Dyke

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