[Dixielandjazz] Pee Wee's Blues - DeParis & Picou

Steve Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 4 19:17:06 PST 2007

Not a problem. I am a HUGE Pee Wee Fan (like Davern). In my youth I hung out
with them both and with trumpeter Jack Fine who was a friend and later a
pallbearer at Pee Wee's funeral.

As an aside, Pee Wee's Blues is the only "tribute" song that I will play
besides the first chorus of Picou's High Society solo. Like I don't do
Bechet's Blue Horizon, or George Louis's Burgundy Street etc. (in public)
Don't like to replay what others made famous as signature songs.

But Pee Wee's Blues? That's another story. Never get tired of playing it.

BTW, one little known fact is that Pee Wee absolutely adored Omer Simeon's
playing to the point of idolatry and hung out with him in NYC as much as he
could. And I loved to see Simeon at Ryan's when he was there with DeParis.

Great players, great nights! Where have all the greats gone?

Steve Barbone

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> Sorry! I'm used to students and took it seriously.
> Smiles,
> Mart
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>> Steve, look at the rest of the listings, which are posted just to your
>> right
> of the film of Pee Wee. It is about the 3rd one down.<
> Dear Mart,
> Knowing my mate Steve, I'm sure that he meant it [" couldn't get past"] in a
> rhetorical sense.
> Kind regards,
> Bill (also a Pee Wee fan).

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