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R Miller rmiller989 at cfl.rr.com
Tue Jan 2 08:13:34 PST 2007

   I don't want this to add to the endless Woody thread . But one of my son in laws called me from West Palm Fl.and told me he had just attended a concert at the Kravitz center. He said the band and low key Woody were nothing short of great, entertaining and upbeat.He is not a music major but sings with a few different choral groups.And loved what he heard he commented about Eddie and the fantastic Bone player and the pianist. He told me they recieved a couple of standing ovations as well as oncres. He is 45 and a lot of his friends are in the same age bracket. No matter what some of the OKOM critics say he is playing a varation of the good stuff like Preservation Hall and keeping our music in front of all types of audiances.      Banjo  Bob Miller

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