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Steve Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 26 09:06:49 PST 2007

Here's a press release from the Library in the town of Oxford (PA) where I
live. Population 4000. Population of surrounding area (10 mile radius
20,000). Yet there is some interest in jazz and building a jazz record
collection in this small town library.

You just never know what a grass roots effort will do for the music.

Steve Barbone


Jazz Forum: An informal gathering of music lovers for the purpose of
exchanging information about Jazz History and the various forms of the
music. We will begin with a variety of musical examples to get things going
and most of the historical information will come from the:

AllAboutJazz timeline. The timeline can be found at

The programs will be lead by Oxford Area Resident Doug Ronallo. ³While I am
relatively knowledgeable about Jazz, I like the idea of a forum, because I'm
more knowledgeable about the New Orleans, Swing, Bop and Hard Bop forms of
Jazz, and not as knowledgeable about the later forms of Jazz such as Free
and Fusion and I'm a novice regarding Contemporary Jazz. I view this as an
opportunity to impart some knowledge and at the same time to learn.² Doug

The Oxford Public Library will benefit by the recommendations of this forum
as we develop and build upon our circulation Jazz Music Collection.

Everyone is Welcome and refreshments will be served.

The goal is to meet the first Thursday of each month beginning March 1st at
7:00 pm.  





Kenneth Pienkos, Director

Oxford Public Library

48 S. Second Street

Oxford, PA  19363 

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