[Dixielandjazz] Specific searches - using firefox.

Craig I. Johnson civanj at roadrunner.com
Sun Feb 4 13:14:51 PST 2007

Bill Haesler wrote about google search:

Fewer links to downloadable sites for sheet music, lyrics, jazz biogs,
> articles and the like...

Another possible solution is to use Firefox as a browser and to install
the Roll Your Own search engine http://www.rollyo.com/firefoxsearch.html
, which allows you to search up to 25 specific sites in one
search, e.g. create a search for jazz biogs, a search for sheet music, a search for
audio files -- each one containing a list of the sites wherein you might expect to have
the best luck (e.g., include all the sites that comprise lists of the specific recording
companies, brunswick, columbia, okeh, victor etc. and use that to find specific
songs or artists recordings.  - or one site searches e.g. wikipedia.
 -- you can create several of these specific site or site-group searches and they will show
up as buttons on your browser tool bar.

There are also a list of other search add-ons for firefox. Go to the Firefox site and
search for add-ons then search for "search" on the add-on search page.

Firefox runs in Windows, OSX and Linux operating systems

Firefox also allows you to set up access to a large number of formal search engines 
like, google, altavista, a9, yahoo search etc. on your tool bar.
see: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/search-engines/ for a list of these.

Craig Johnson

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