[Dixielandjazz] Phil Woods & Clarke Terry 1959 - Undecided

Steve Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 1 12:25:32 PST 2007

Check out this "Undecided" from 1959. Almost a Dixieland formatted band, but
with a modern twist. For those who think the modern guys don't swing, give
this one a listen. The then young Phil Woods, Clarke Terry et al are


If that one is too much for you, see Louis featuring Danny Barcelona on a
drum solo with "Stomping at The Savoy".


Steve Barbone

PS. BTW Phil Woods is still cooking. Monster player, like Sandoval or Wynton
and too easily dismissed by those whose ears aren't ready for their kind of
music. Woods can play any song, any key, sight transpose any song to any
key. etc. He lives up by the Delaware Water Gap near Randy Reinhart, Ed
Metz, et al in that "musically artistic" area. I wonder what they think
about his music. He swings like crazy. (IMO, that is) 

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