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This is the best I can do, two Lps and who played what, when and with who.
Note the slight name change for the 1991 recording.

Phil O'Rourke

Platte River Jazz Band Vol 1:
Bob Cooke (tp) Vern Beebe (tb) Bill Pontarelli (cl) Bill Murray (p) Dennis
Condreay (bj) Al Brisson (tu) Jack Cook (d)
Denver, 1978
    Riverboat shuffle    Platte River Jazz Band 33014
    Perdido Street blues                          -
    Sidewalk blues                          -
    San Francisco Bay blues                          -
    Georgia swing                          -
    Froggie Moore                          -
    Nagasaki                          -
    Savoy blues                          -
    New Orleans stomp                          -

I'll be a friend with pleasure: Bob Cooke's Platte River Jazz Band:
Bob Cooke (tp) Vern Beebe (tb) Bill Pontarelli (cl) Ray Leake (p) Dennis
Condreay (bj) Al Brisson (tu) Gordon Ellinger (d)
Denver, February 21-25 & March 1, 1981
    Satanic blues    PRJB Prod Vol 3
    I'll be a friend with pleasure             -
    Eccentric rag             -
    Borneo             -
    Royal garden blues             -
    Some of these days             -
    Ain't misbehavin'             -
    Swing that music             -
    Rialto ripples             -
    At the jazz band ball             -

> Can anyone give me information regarding the Platt River Jazz Band
> of Denver.........perhaps 1970's.
> Thanks
> Buzz Blatherwick
> AlbuquerqueNM

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