[Dixielandjazz] Louie-ism vs Louis-ism

Robert Smith robert.smith at tele2.no
Sat Sep 23 14:49:38 PDT 2006

Hello, Rae Ann,

In his biography of Louis Armstrong, James Lincoln Collier says, talking 
about Louis' mother: "Mayann called Armstrong Louis, not Louie, and 
throughout his life he preferred to be called by the more formal title. 
However, few people did, including his wives. It was always Louie."

The question is "Should foreign names be anglicised?". A Frenchman would 
pronounce the name as "Louie".

In Norway we have a football coach with the forename "Aage" (it's actually 
written Age where the A has a little circle over it). In Norway this is 
pronounced "awgeh" (hard "g"). When he played football in England, the 
English coach in a TV interview called him "aggie"

Kind Regards


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