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I think it's good to play and perform in all keys if you can. After all we
practice things in all keys, so why should we limit ourselves to the keys of
F, B-flat, E-flat & C when we perform? Whenever I learn or transcribe a new
lick, I learn it in all the keys. It's good practice and it's one less
obstacle to worry about later.


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I was doing an afternoon show at an expensive retirement hotel that was
sponsoring an afternoon of jazz with three bands.

During a break, I wondered over to one of the bands and took a quite
look at the tune they were playing.

It was in Gb concert.  I happened to know that the band, consisting of
seven pieces had four subs.  On of the guys was a killer coronet player
who could not read very well.  His part was in Ab. He was not playing.
How many guys can sight read Gb concert at 180 BPM?

Question:  Why have a tune in Gb when with just a half step lower it
would be in concert F, which everybody could play?

Russ Guarino
Monterey Lighthouse Jazz Band

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