[Dixielandjazz] dystonia

Gluetje1 at aol.com Gluetje1 at aol.com
Wed Sep 13 15:04:04 PDT 2006

OK, I'm weird and I get weird "flashes" sometimes (other than  menopausal).  
Flash on this one was 'Look into acupuncture' --not a flash  that pertains to 
all dystonias, but rather those that may have some relationship  to musician 
overuse syndromes.  So I did a quick web search to try to  put some rationality 
to the flash.
This source mentions it if one scrolls down to "other treatments"  
Web search on "acupuncture for dystonia" and similar keywords lists  other 
sources to check also.
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sharp-b at clearwire.net writes:

I've  never heard of this "Dystonia"  before this.  Anyone else you  
DJMLers know of anyone else who suffered in their musical careers  
because of it?  And did they find a way to get rid of it?  We  might be 
able to help this fellow, if you know by perchance someone who  had it 
and got rid of it, if that's possible.  It seems to be such a  weird 
problem.   Maybe it's because they all  continued  playing on their 
mouthpieces after the coating wore off.  But then,  what about the piano 
player?  Maybe it's because they all ate mouldy  figs,  I mean 
?????????? Jeeez Louise, what other strange maladies  lurk in the 
corners waiting to attack  musicians?

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