[Dixielandjazz] Woddy Allen - Larry Wright

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Sun Sep 10 12:56:50 PDT 2006

Just found out that John Gill will be playing drums  with Woody on this tour. 
Knowing a member of the group will be so much more fun.  Like when Dan played 
with him on the DVD Tour of Europe. A must attend now for  sure.
Received a call this morning from good friend Larry  Wright who just moved 
back to Virginia. He is bringing his West Coast styling's  and talent to the 
East and last night attended a large yearly party not 30 min.  from his new home. 
The party was attended by Dan Levension (SIC), John Gill and  many musicians 
we all know. Larry played Bass Sax, Trumpet, Drums for a band  who's drummer 
couldn't make it and his Ocarina of course. It was a great way for  him to meet 
musicians in the area and let them all know his  talents.
He was very excited by the quality of music and  musicians he found in the 
area having moved there with no prior knowledge of  what was going on in the 
area and more then one person approached him with  knowledge of his history 
remarking on recordings of the "Back Bay JB" and other  recordings over the years. 
He was very surprised at the fact that he was known  by his prior recordings 
back East. We will all miss him from our West Coast  groups but knowing he has 
been accepted already into that great group of  musician in the East, helps 
me, a little, too my best friend leaving  us.
Jazz  Hugs


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