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I completely agree with Steve on this one - and our experience confirms it.
We play two or three times a year for the University of New Mexico (we're
doing a tailgate party before the homecoming game next month) and the kids
love the music.  We get a bigger response and hand out more biz cards at
these gigs than at any other.  

Our problem is getting to play for the younger crowd.  Except for wedding
receptions and the UNM stuff, most of the gig calls we get are for the
gray-haired set.  

Bill Biffle
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Duke City Jazz Band
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David Richoux tubaman at tubatoast.com wrote

>Ginny, and all,

>There is something so energizing about playing for a "young and
>foreign" audience! I have done this many times with the California
>Repercussions "big band" in many countries and cities all over the
>world and I know how the "Ambassadors of New Orleans" feel.

>It is not the same as playing that regular  gig or a "normal" OKOM

>So you need to cut the guys some slack and let them cool off after
>what looks like  a very successful gig!


But the interesting part is that the reception the Ambassadors got in Israel
is quite similar to the reception Barbone Street gets in the United States
on a regular basis when we play gigs for young audiences.

That's what I've been trying to impart to the DJML for several years, much
to the dismay of some folks who mischaracterize it.

When Buddy Apfel said to me: "Man these audiences are different", I said
back: "No, they aren't, we get this same reaction in the USA many times a

Cases in point:

1) Louis Armstrong Birthday Bash at Sydney's in Rehoboth.

2) Numerous swing dances at Universities in the area.

3) Weddings

4) Modern Jazz Festivals (Berks, Clifford Brown, Dover Downs etc)

5) Casino dates 

6) Private parties

The only difference in Israel was the size of the young audience. And the
fact that they love Americans per se. Other than that the demographics were
the same. Age; - Young, Knowledge of Dixieland; almost nil. Etc.

If anyone has any questions about what happened in Israel, and why it
happened, you might ask impartial observer/pianist John Wilder.

<JohnWilder at Comcast.net>

Steve Barbone

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