[Dixielandjazz] Not the "Old Left-Hander"!

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Hi all,

Regarding left handed folks (ths sinister people):

I've heard a theory (don't know if it's accurate) that identical twins 
spring from a single fertilized egg which when, as a cell, first divided 
into two cells they somehow separated and became two individual basic stem 
cells, each of which was capable of developing into a full human being.

The two cells were symmetric mirrors of each other and, as a result, the two 
individuals produced were identical but mirrored (if that's a word). I know 
two sets of identical twins and in each case one is right handed and the 
other is left handed.

The theory holds that if one of the cells so split somehow does not develop, 
and it is the "right handed cell" that is lost, then the left handed 
individual who makes it through the gestation period is actually the 
identical sibling of a cell which never developed.

So all of you lefties out there are supposed to have a brother or sister 
exactly like you in all respects but who never developed into a foetus.

That's just a theory I heard somewhere, but perhaps someone can validate it 
. . . I really don't know.

I wonder, if we are talking about left handed musicians, if the lost sibling 
would have had musical tendencies also.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill "I could be wrong" Gunter
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>Is that a "left-handed compliment?" Sounds very "sinister" to me.
>Sic semper sinistrius!
>Don (southpaw, cory fister, leftie) Ingle
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