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   I wonder what would happen if Mighty Aphrodite went here?


Hi Steve:

Been there and done that !!

   The girls would probably meet some handsome prince with an MBA and 
run off and marry him and give up music. :))

Lot's of parties you bet, as well as Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll,  
lots of bookings for the bands nope not usually for more than a small 
handful with rock solid connections and political clout.   Not unlike 
the OKOM Festival scene.

They aren¹t expecting instant rock stardom.    Yeah right ??  :))

"We want to be able to play our songs and never grow up," Mr. Gallivan 
said, laughing. "The moment it
becomes work or it feels like it's a job, it defeats the purpose of it.

That attitude is exactly what has decimated the live music  field for a 
long time !!   not to mention spawned thousands of hobby bands who have 

  The goal is to be able to live off of it. "We'd like to be able to pay 
the rent."

Organizations like CMJ are living off of it very well thanks to the 
thousands of kids like Mr. Gallivan supporting them with his daddy's 
credit cards etc.

Then the young man needs to learn some real work ethics as it relates 
to this industry, or he will remain on the PAY to PLAY or almost play 
in the case of showcases, at CMJ   which is a big big cash cow for 
extracting fees from wannabe artists.

I am sure if Mighty Aphrodite checks out he costs factor and expenses 
to to go there they too would pass.

The available live performance money available in the College market 
today is not that great compared to the expenses of going to this 
conference to try and break into it.   Your money can be much better 
spent just marketing yourself direct to the 1400 + colleges direct most 
of whom cannot afford to hire a traveling act anyway, at least not one 
that is outside their region.

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