[Dixielandjazz] Gypsy(Yes) guitar player Joscho Stephan

Ron Wheeler ronald_wheeler at bellsouth.net
Mon Oct 30 21:48:53 PST 2006

Bill and all,

Sorry this is taking so long.  I believe the Stephan link message [and I'm
trusting to the fact that English is a Germanic language] means 'site not
found'.  What you have to do in order to get the video to play is click the
'play' button on the view screen on the upper left of the page [that sorta >
thinggie].  Once you get that going, a very clear color video image comes up
on the screen accompanied by good audio.  It's a live performance somewhere,
just Joshco and his base player.  The cut is about 6 or 8 minutes long and
keeps looping as long as you keep the page up.

It appears Stephan has been around for a few years -- references back to
2002, etc. -- and he is in fact a German Gypsy.  I've looked for CD sources,
but the only places that Amazon lists are second-party retailers that want
near $30 for a disk.  The TrueFire.com site that puts up the video is
apparently a guitar instruction outfit.  If they could teach me to play like
that, I'd sign up in a flash.  There is a German web site at
http://www.joscho-stephan.de/html/home.html, but it's all in German [imagine
that] and the only English link I've found there is right back to the
TrueFire site.

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Dear Ron,
I found that site (with sound) but when I clicked on the Joshco Stefan link
all I got was the following message:
  Die angegebene Seite konnte nicht gefunden werden
whatever that may mean.

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