[Dixielandjazz] Jimmy Dorsey - Lily of the Valley

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Mon Oct 30 20:43:57 PST 2006

>Jimmy Dorsey recorded Lily of the Valley in 1950. Can anybody tell me if
that is *the* Lily of the Valley played by Paul Barbarin and later by almost
every traditional jazz band or any of the other tunes with the same name?
There is a tune from 1881 by Hays/Fry and one from 1917 by Friedland/
Gilbert. Which one is the Dorsey tune?<

Dear Ingemar,
Unfortunately, I do not have the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra Columbia version of
"Lily of The Valley" from 11 Dec 1950, so can't compare it aurally with the
first Paul Barbarin Circle recording of 23 Jan 1951 and subsequent others.
However, I can confirm that the composer credit for the Dorsey, as shown on
Columbia 39138 is Gilbert-Friedland.
The same Anotole Friedland, (music) and L Wolfe Gilbert (lyrics) who
composed "Lily of the Valley" in 1917.
Probably intentionally, the backing to the 1950 Jimmy Dorsey 78 record
was another LW Gilbert song (written in 1915, with music by SR Henry), "By
Heck", which you may recall was a hit record for the Dorsey Brothers
Orchestra during 1933-34.
Kind regards,

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