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Thu Oct 26 18:18:25 PDT 2006

Hi Paul, and all -

You wrote: "Trombone players and reed players should be the best of 

What a nice thought!

A pleasant thing about being a musician is the opportunity to harmonize with 
sidemen who play other axes than you.

I, being a washboard player, am expecially pleased when I get to play with 
banjos and accordians. What wonderfully expressive instruments they are!

I especially enjoy it when the accordian player pulls and squeezes the 
bellows really fast to get that "digga digga digga" effect.


Bill "What a wonderful world" Gunter
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>Trombone players and reed players should be the best of friends.
>Isn't that right, Mr. Modest?  (Say yes, Bob)
>-- Paul Edgerton
>    who is the friend of tromboners everywhere, even my son!
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