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It is indeed Bill,  they only offer $1800.00 a month, and you are not 
allowed to fraternize with the clients, or hang out in the bars and 
drink either.   Heck you can make more money than that managing a 
McDonalds or Burger King.

They do have a better job on most of the ships however for 
distinguished Gentlemen to provide accompaniment to single elderly 
ladies on the cruises, for dinner and dancing, and these Gentlemen are 
given a substantial and adequate beverage allowance in all the ships 
bars, free travel, and other amenities, and I believe they even get 
paid ashore excursions and other perks.   That is definitely the job I 
want when I get old enough :))     If I get lucky it will be on the 
ship Stubby Heist works on, at least it will have some good music, to 
go with all the Lovely Blue Haired ladies looking for a dance partner.  
  I will be just as SWAVE and DEBONNER as I wanna be too.   Have Tuxedos 
  and dancin' shoes in several colors and styles will travel.  :))    
Now if they will just provide Geritol and Viagra I could probably sign 
on for a six month cruise.



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   Hmmmm - no washboard in that list as far as I could see. 
 Must be one of those cheap cruise lines! 
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 > Now Hiring - Orchestra Musicians - Cruise Ship 
 > Email Reply to: comm-225628310 at craigslist.org 
 > Date: 2006-10-25, 12:14PM PDT 
 >Respond to this address in the ad within seven days or it may not be 
 >active after that, if it does not work check out the website address 
 >below and contact them that way. 
 >Happy cruising. 
 >Tom Wiggins 
 >  We are looking for the following musicians to perform in a showband 
 >onboard a 5-Star Cruise Ship: 
 >  *Bass 
 >  *Trombone 
 >  *Trumpet 
 >  *Piano 
 >  *Alto (must cover Flute/Clarinet) 
 >  *Tenor (must cover Flute/Clarinet) 
 >  *Drums 
 >  **$1800/Month 
 >  **Free Room/Board/Travel 
 >  **Shared Cabin 
 >  **Destinations include Alaska, Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, South 
 >  ***Must be an excellent sight reader (Charts & Scores)*** 
 >  If interested, contact us TODAY 
 >  Landau Music, Inc. 
 >  http://www.landaumusic.com 
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