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  I was not trying to say that Swing Dancers needed those particular  
bands to dance to - I was just moving the thread in a slightly  
different direction. Those bands I listed are internationally known -  
there are many others that do not seem to be  well known (at least on  
DJML, anyway.)

BTW, we get  "Lindy" dancers at some "And That's Jazz" performances  
(at a recent Hangtown Festival we had some that danced on a carpeted  
floor!)  If more festivals and jazz societies reached out to the  
Lindy Hoppers (like as you show how the AZ Classic is doing,)   
provide good dance areas and connect the bands that like to play that  
style, I think there would be a great synergy!

Likewise, making a connection with those other "alt.okom" groups that  
play interpretations of old jazz, blues and "Americana" -  not just  
the same 200 bands that everybody knows and sees at every festival  
over and over... we need some new blood and a bigger tent!

Dave Richoux

On Oct 25, 2006, at 9:59 AM, acjspres at aol.com wrote:

> The lindy hoppers in Arizona much prefer the Titan Hot Seven over  
> Big  Bad
> Voodoo Daddy, Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Royal Crown Review,  New  
> Morty  Show,
> Lavey Smith, and Stompy Jones. You don't need these bands to cater  
> to the  swing
> dance crowd. Fulton Street and 52nd Street along with Titan Hot  
> Seven will  do
> just fine.
> If you really want to make an impression just get the guys who were  
> with
> Basie and have them play.....wow!
> One new band we all absolutely loved was Squirrel Nut Zippers....I  
> wish  they
> were still around.
> Steve, I get  the impression from time to time that you have never  
> attended
> the  Sacramento Jazz Festival nor the AZ Classic Jazz Festival.  
> They both have
> been  teaching swing dancing and catering to swing dancers for  
> years......you
> need to  get out more.
> We will have about 100 lindy hoppers from all over the USA at the  
> AZ  Classic
> Jazz Festival on Nov 9 - 12. They will dance until 4:00 am. They are
> bringing in a band from New Mexico (_Le Chat  Lunatique_
> (http://www.myspace.com/lechatlunatiquetheband/) ) that will start  
> playing at midnight for them .
> Below is a quote from their website:   _http:// 
> www.phoenixlindyexchange.com/_
> (http://www.phoenixlindyexchange.com/)
> "Welcome to  the sixth annual Phoenix/Charleston Lindy Exchange!  
> This year we
> are proud to  welcome back Titan Hot Seven, one of the greatest  
> bands of all
> time and one of the best classic jazz bands for dancing. PHXLX  
> combines all
> of  the best attributes of a lindy exchange with those of a jazz  
> festival. Not
> only  do you get to meet amazing lindy hoppers from all over the  
> globe, but
> you also  have the opportunity to dance to LIVE music every day!  
> There will be
> over 14  live bands from all over the world playing classic jazz  
> and swing.
> It's going to  be a weekend you'll never forget!"
> Joe  Hopkins
> 52nd Street  Jazz Band
> AZ Classic Jazz Society
> _www.azclassicjazz.org_ (http://www.azclassicjazz.org/)
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