[Dixielandjazz] Swing Dancers & Young Audiences

Cees van den Heuvel heu at bart.nl
Mon Oct 23 13:44:36 PDT 2006

Yesterday I did a concert with a Belgian New Orleans Jazz Band.
Although I'm more into Chicago, I can push the button, go for
the basics and have fun. Just forget your technical abilities, stay
away from sophisticated licks and go for the heart of the music.
Nothing wrong with that, but it still feels like driving a Ferrari
at the maximum of 60 mph. Gives you the opportunity to see
the sights though. Now my point: the audience. 50% was
under 25 and they loved it! Did'nt know the music, would
never buy a jazz record. But hearing it live: flabbergasted!
Just plain music, no electronics,  but sweat, hard work, improvisation,
joy, etc. They were overwhelmed and assured me they would visit
every concert from now on. So: there's a future for jazz!
Just give it all you've got, don't sell out to gimmicks and play
your heart out. Purity will always survive. If it does'nt, well......

Cees van den Heuvel

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