[Dixielandjazz] Marv Ross (nee Rosenthal), Frank Mane, and Chuck Slate

Steve Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 23 12:31:13 PDT 2006

List Mates:

Received the following from Clarinetist Marv Ross presently living in
Florida. He talks about Frank Mane, who made that first record of Frank
Sinatra. Some of our list mates previously asked me off list about Marv
during the recent Chuck Slate thread.

If you would like to write to Marv, send me an off list note and I'll
forward his address.

Yessir, Marv Ross, a great OKOM reed player and a great guy.

Steve Barbone

Hi Steve...

I was born in Bayonne and when I was nine, I started taking sax & clarinet
lessons from Frank Mane...  He often mentioned that he made the first
recording with Sinatra...  I studied with him for 9 years (thru high
school) before going to Manhattan School of Music... My lessons started out
as one hour but after a few years ended up being much longer as we often
played duets on both altos and clarinets...

He was a wonderful player and a great teacher...

I'm on the long road to recovery...  Received a good report from my
doctor...  It's just going to take time...  I haven't played a note in over
a year but expect that will happen in time...

I have your post about the Slate band plus other posts that contributed to
the subject...  I joined Slate in 1970...  The first time I played with him
at the Chester Inn, Gene Krupa was the guest artist, which incidentally, I
didn't know until I took the band stand that night...  It was am exciting
evening to say the least...

Stay well...

Musical Director for the "Simply Swing Dance Band"
Swing is just around the corner

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