[Dixielandjazz] "Good Old days"

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Mon Oct 23 10:21:52 PDT 2006

I could not disagree more with Steve....our Lindy Hoppers here in the  
Phoenix area long for the good old days at the Savoy Ballroom with Chick Webb  and 
his guys along with all the bands of that era. They are less interested in  
"Cherry Poppin Daddys" and the like. They bring Frankie Manning to Phoenix  for a 
workshop every year and the place is packed when they schedule  Frankie to 
simply sit on stage and reminisce about the 20's and 30's at the  Savoy ballroom 
in New York.
By the way, we brought the Boondockers with Edgerton, Ringwald, Gunter  and 
the gang to  play for the AZ Classic Jazz Society on a Sunday afternoon  in 
September.....on Sat night we had them play for the Lindy Hoppers....the kids  
loved it! They could not believe they were dancing to rhythms provided by a  
washboard.....way to go Bill Gunter!
Joe Hopkins
52nd Street Jazz Band

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