[Dixielandjazz] FW: Boring Jazz, far from it....

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Sun Oct 22 03:40:03 PDT 2006

Larry wrote:
>Young people don't usually go out of their way to hear OKOM but when they
do they seem to enjoy it a lot.  The trick is to get them to hear it.....

We're very, very lucky in that we play at least one week to 10 nights a
month in a small, no cover charge, club... right on a pedestrian mall, in
the center of a 5 million people party town, with a Youth Hostel right in
front of it.  

Now, if you were able to read that long sentence, you know that will mean
gobs of kids!  Last night, the ones that were sitting were lucky & they
hardly get up to go to the John for fear of losing the seat.  The ones
standing were like sardines, and the tiny bit of floor left had kids sitting
on it.

However, it's not just young kids.  There's always a great mixture of old &
young.  It's loud, smokey, crowded, hot, & extremely driving.  Literally, a
church like silence on quiet, slow songs, with plenty of participation
(wiggling & clapping to the beat mainly) on the fast ones.

Our style?  Driving (think Ferrari). 

I've got a good picture taken from the stage, if anyone is interested.  I've
offered this one before on DJML, so don't bother to ask if you have it

Anyway, as we have none of that "pidgeon holed" conception of what jazz is
or should be here, we don't have to go out & look for the kids.  I count my
blessings, and don't just take my luck for granted.  We're all "young at
heart" because of our situation.  Who could ask for anything more?  (Are
there a few song titles there?)   :> 

Jim (Madrid)

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