[Dixielandjazz] Ultimate Sit In

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Sat Oct 21 11:46:49 PDT 2006

I offer this sit-in story as perhaps one of the ultimate surprise ending 
sit in tales of all.

In early 1956, working with my Dad, Red Ingle, at a club in Milwaukee 
named Toots lounge, Red asked pianist Jack Perciful and I if we minded 
if a lady sat in a number with us. (I add that Red kept a straight face 
as he hinted without saying it that this might be a typical 'lounge 
pianist" -- no doubt some wrong chords here and there -- but we said, 
sure, it's okay with us. Jack got off and the lady, looking every bit as 
some midwestern ladies flower guild member, got up and sat at the piano.
Red said, "what would you like to play?" The lady smiled sweetly and 
said..."how about strutting with some barbeque?" Jack rolled his eyes 
and I did as well, but Red said fine and kicked it off.
All of a sudden some of the finest, bold, rollicking stride piano I have 
every heard  rolled out, and both Jack and I about dropped our jaws to 
our knees.  Glancing at Red I saw this s***-eating grin on his face and 
I knew we'd just been had...big time!
We were playing a set with Norma Teagarden -- she had just been married 
to a local business man and had dropped in when she saw dad was playing 
there, and was an old friend of his from the 30's.
Jack and I got over our feeling of having been royally hoodwinked, and 
enjoyed an evening of wonderfull piano from a member of Royalty in the 
jazz world.
Now that's a sit in story to remember!
Don Ingle

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