[Dixielandjazz] Naughty Mickey Mouse

Steve Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 19 09:28:55 PDT 2006

Good heavens, is nothing sacred? Next think you know, some techno-genius
will replace OKOM cartoon music files with rap. :-) VBG.

Ah well, we always knew the French were lovers, not fighters. :-) VBG

Steve Barbone

Source: NY Times article

Naughty Mickey Mouse Nettles Walt Disney

After Mickey Mouse was seen in an online video spanking the chipmunks Chip
and Dale before joining Minnie Mouse and the Snowman in a simulated
threesome, the Walt Disney Company issued an outraged protest that prompted
the management of Disneyland Paris to begin an investigation, Agence
France-Presse reported. The management of Euro Disney termed the film, shot
by Disneyland workers on the grounds of the theme park and featuring
costumed cartoon characters, ³unacceptable and unforgivable² and pledged to
find and punish those responsible. 

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