[Dixielandjazz] "RADIO" variation

pcrums pcrums at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 18:28:04 PDT 2006

Bob posted the lyrics to the 2nd chorus, which we enjoy doing.  However, to
update things a bit we substitute the phrase "Prarie Home Companion" in
place of the original lyrics of "Amos and Andy."

Is this a great list, or what?

Phil Crumley
Natural Gas Jazz Band

With regard to the nostalgic song "Radio," I like the second chorus
best: to wit-

Major Bowles, I miss the Shadow Knows, Fred Allen's Alley goes
to laughter at Duffy's Tavern. Helen Trent, then we went to Can You Top
Suspense and the Whistler sent those shivers up our spine.

Uncle Don, How I wish that you were on. Jack Armstrong, Myrt &  Marge,
Amos & Andy. I want to turn the dial again, and wear a great  big smile
Radio, I love you so!

Bob Sann,
Ft. Lee, NJ

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