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I am replying mainly to put an exclamation behind your mention of Steve  
DiBonaventura on banjo and Gil Corella on tuba.  As far as I know these two  have 
only one CD and that one a few years old, but they are awesome.  I  would 
probably rather hear Steve's jazz on tenor-tuned banjo than just about  anyone 
else.  I have had others comment they can't follow where he takes  the music but 
my ears can go there.  A web search on Steve will take you to  several 
locations for buying the CD including JazzBanjo.com  But I did not  find a spot where 
you could hear samples.
And more directly related to trombones.  Does anyone have a special  strategy 
for locating trombonists who can improvise, play from charts, read  
arrangements; i.e., with and without music and who want to play Dixieland?   St. Louis 
has a great wealth of community bands, orchestras, etc. and sufficient  
(though not an oversupply) trombone players in those groups.   But finding one who 
wants to play Dixie and OKUM has been a real  challenge.
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You  even get to hear OKOM occasionally.  The U.S. Army Band Tuba-Euphonium  
Conferences I attended had a workshop on dixieland tuba playing taught by Tom  
Holtz, a stellar performance by Steve DiBonaventura on banjo and Gil Corella  
on tuba, the Tuba4s (a jazz-oriented tuba-euphonium quartet), the Modern Tuba 
 Jazz Project, and the Shirim Klesmer Orchestra.  The end-of-conference  
parties were all dixieland.  At Fort Worth, there was an after-hours jam  session 
several nights. 


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