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Hi Jim and all:

Not a problem,  all us drummers and washboard players just hit delete a 
lot since we really don't care what key you guys play in, has little 
effect on us unless of course you all decide to play in your own 
individual keys :))  At the same time.  Not that that would EVER happen 
with any of the fine players on this list :))


Old Snare Flat Wiggins   Who didn't complain once. :))

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    >Given the last week of endless posts (delete-able) involving keys 
colours [colors] from DJMLer musicians.

Dear Bill, while the keys thread did go on for awhile, I thought that 
what DJML was all about...being able to discuss musical thoughts &
questions.  That particular thread, which may not have been interesting 
some, did stay within the boundaries of music, and was interesting to 
involved.  An interesting thread is bound to feel "endless" if a good
percentage of DJML decides to get involved, as we are many.

The other side of the coin is when nothing in particular is being 
and you get people asking "where did everyone go?".

Impossible to keep everyone happy, looks like.


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