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Gluetje1 at aol.com Gluetje1 at aol.com
Sun Oct 8 08:36:28 PDT 2006

Steve's post about online learning resources for guitarists reminded  me to 
let this group know there are other ways to do online learning or  teaching.  I 
do web-cam, real time banjo studies with Dave Frey in CA while  I am in MO.  
One of his students is in Scotland.  From the  student end it requires a 
simple, basic, web cam and free  video-conferencing software.  (I did not have a 
web cam when I started this  process and actually it went well using just the 
computer mic.  Having  the cam is even better though.)
There is a slight broadcast delay such that playing simultaneously may  not 
work too well.  Otherwise lesson time of an hour a  week, discussion, 
demonstration, counter-demonstration, fun and  banter, etc. work pretty much same as if 
we were in same room.  There  are even advantages to doing it this way.  If 
he suddenly wishes he had a  certain reference, arrangement, etc., it will be 
nearby as he is in his own  studio.  I can't say I "left something at home" as 
I am at home and maybe  in my house shoes, etc.  He can zoom his camera lens 
in to demonstrate the  point he is making.  Because all of his students have 
the same  video-conferencing software we then also have the capacity to arrange 
to  video-conference and play for each other, ask each other questions, etc.   
In reality, as far as I know, we rarely do such due to other time 
commitments,  but instead settle for occasional emails, a geographic get-together at some 
 functions of mutual interest, etc.  If you would like a bit more info link  
to the "Lessons" stuff on Dave's web site:  _http://www.ultimatebanjo.com/_ 

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