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Tue Oct 3 17:20:58 PDT 2006

I completely agree. I've been doing a lot of practicing in sharp keys 
for the last 2 years or so. My ultimate goal is for the key of B major 
to be just as comfortable and fluid as Eb major. I like the timbre of 
the sharp keys. I've been wondering what "Dippermouth Blues" would sound 
like in E major. Or maybe A major or Gb. The possibilities are endless....


Jim Kashishian wrote:
>   Marty wrote:
>   I agree. I have heard Lou McGarity play it in F, and I have Nat Cole
> singing
>   it in G, very beautifully and it sounds great on trombone in G.  
> Our sop sax (now retired) was a stickler for playing everything in its
> original key.  Granted, that was better than what he had had to experience
> with his first band in Germany where they played everything in Bb!
> Nevertheless, I used to argue that the lead horn, or lead voice if it's a
> vocal, could have license to change a key to fit that instrument.  
> Some melodies are beautiful played on a trumpet, but if the melody line is
> covered by the trombone instead, as an example, then there might be reason
> to put the song into a different key to put the melody line into a better
> range for that horn. It's not really a criminal act.  
> Ideally, the musician should know the original key, knowingly changing the
> key if 
> he/she prefers. Many times, it's even fun to play a tune in a different key
> to try to freshen it up a bit.  
> Is there really a proper tempo or key to a song?  Just depends on the fancy
> of the performer (if he can pull it off, of course!).  Granted, there are
> tunes that fit best into a certain key, and certain tempo, but I don't
> believe there should be "rules" about what the performer does, otherwise we
> would end up all playing like each other.
> Jim
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