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>There IS a verse to New Orleans. 

I would be interested in having a lead line, chords & words to the 
verse if
anyone has it.

I do a vocal on N.O., but talk it, in a low pitched voice (like those
talking bridges in the cowboy songs!), breaking in to song on the 
Tends to catch people's attention quickly.  And, as it's slow, even 
folks may understand the words in English.  (Some, but not many, 
speak a bit of English.)

  While this subject is still warm I would like to announce that
  I have uploaded a version of "New Orleans" to http://myspace.com/freemarty
  for the enjoyment of any and all who wish to check it out.
  It is the first tune on the list on the player. Turn up the volume and enjoy!
  Personnel: John "Punch" Thomas-cornet and vocal, Al Stevens-piano, Marty Nichols-trombone, John King-drums, Tommy Satterwhite (deceased)reeds, Bill Nelson-bass.
  The group, with Al and myself as replacements, was called the "First Coast Jazz
  Band". John led the group and made the recordings of the session live 
  in Palm Coast Florida, June 1998. 

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